How To Get More Cleaning Clients- 14 simple tricks

Let’s face it: dirt happens, and as long as things keep getting dirty, there will always be a need for cleaning services. But how can you get more clients? Aside from word of mouth, there are dozens of cost-effective ways to market your cleaning services:

1. Invest in Vehicle Signs and Wraps


Your truck or van is the best way to advertise on the go! Magnetic signs can generate a lot of business while you’re out servicing clients. Park your vehicle in a crowded parking lot, shopping mall, apartment complex or subdivision and let the customers come to you. Vehicle wraps are signs that cover the entire body of a car or van to create a mobile billboard for your business. A little pricey but well worth the exposure when the calls start coming in.


2. Let Door Knockers Open Doors



Spend less than $100 to print 1,000 door knockers with your cleaning service’s logo and phone number and distribute them on every door of apartment complexes and office buildings. Door knockers are great marketing tools because they are less likely to get tossed.

3. Promote and Interact on Social Media



Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer to advertise for small and large businesses for affordable rates. In addition to building your cleaning company’s Facebook page, you can promote your business in targeted areas or to a specific demographic for pennies a day. Social media marketing also provides a low-cost platform for posting information that will drive customers to your front door.

4. Become a Blogger



Start a blog about cleaning services! You will be amazed at the number of people who don’t know how to clean a range hood or hard water spots from shower doors. By becoming an online expert on everything clean, you will build a clientele that results in new and repeat business. People will flock to your blog for the latest tips on winning the battle against grime.


5. Offer Cost-Cutting Coupon Specials



Consumers love a bargain! Contract with a direct mail coupon service to send out monthly coupon specials to potential customers. Imagine how many homeowners and businesses would love a chance to get a free or discounted cleaning service. An offer like “get one week’s free service when you sign a three-month contract is enough incentive for people to want to make a longer commitment.


6. Get Customers to Refer Friends, or friends to refer customers


Referrals work wonders when you can turn an existing customer into your personal sales rep. Your hard work pays off when existing customers are so pleased that they are willing to tell others. Offer to clean a sofa or glass doors and windows in exchange for a good referral or give a monetary incentive like $10 off for a reference. Word of mouth always works!

7. Leverage Local Media


Radio and television advertising on local channels can net new and repeat business. The cost for a 30-second spot on a local radio station can run as little as $10. Local and regional media are in the business of promoting area enterprises–that’s how they stay on the air. Stop by and negotiate a contract that will get more cleaning clients by advertising on drive times or local programming. It’s a worthwhile investment and the rewards of getting your name noticed are immeasurable.

8. Cash In on Sponsorship Programs



Savvy business owners take advantage of the opportunity to get more clients by sponsoring local softball teams, booster clubs, hospitals, auxiliaries, and charities. If the local high school is offering ad space in the yearbook or a banner in the stadium in exchange for cash donations, be one of the first to give. You will not only build your business, but you will also make a worthwhile and civic-minded contribution to your local youth.


9. Join the Local Chamber of Commerce


Most municipalities have a Chamber of Commerce whose goal is to promote local businesses and help ensure their viability. Join your local Chamber and be sure to network. Attend after-hour social events, business boosters, workshops and grand openings to keep your cleaning service in the news and on everybody’s mind.


10. Build Business-to-Business Relations



Every business needs another business services to operate efficiently. Your cleaning service needs cleaning suppliers and vendors that offer wholesale products you need. Don’t be shy about asking for referrals and networking with your neighbors. Get to know your sales reps and stay in touch for the latest products and equipment that can make your business shine!



11. Blanket the Town with Business Cards



Keep a supply of business cards on hand and ask customers, family, friends, business associates, and everyone you meet to take a few cards and share them with anyone that might need their house or business cleaned. Don’t forget to leave your card on announcement boards at the local grocery store, utility department, or fitness club. If a place of business has a public billboard and allows notices to be posted, your card should be on that board!


12. Invest in a modern user-friendly website with online tools


Web-based advertising is super effective in driving new customers to your door. An online presence not only offers opportunities to sell services but it lends credibility to your enterprise. Invest in a professionally designed website using photos of your vehicle, cleaning technicians, and before and after shots that can testify to the overall quality of your services.

13. Tap into New Markets


Don’t be afraid to chart uncharted territory. Think outside of the box and explore new avenues of opportunities to clean. Churches and nonprofits, movie theaters, gymnasiums, ballparks, theme parks, daycare centers, and beauty shops may all need cleaning services–just ask! Don’t assume that an enterprise has a janitorial staff or contract cleaner. Be bold, be persistent and walk through the door; it might just lead to a new client.

14. Sign Up for Job Posting Site


Surf the web for job posting sites that connect people who need services with providers. You can build an online profile that describes your services and price range. Individuals and business owners seeking professional help post an online notice with the nature of the work needed and their location. Answer the post by clicking on a link and submitting your bid for the job. If you are the successful high bidder, you can contact the client and get started. Clients pay online, the website gets a small percentage of the cost, and you get the rest.

Your cleaning service has the potential to prosper and grow if you will tap into easy ideas for reaching new clients and exploring new avenues.